Mama Loves: Her Little Dirt Devil

14 April 2012

With two independent toddlers, post-meal cleanup is a painful but unavoidable part of my day. With us finally moving into our house last weekend, I set out to buy a nice broom set and came home with a Dirt Devil Quick Power handheld vacuum instead. When I saw it in the store and read all the attributes, I knew this was the one I've been waiting for. Here's what I love about it:

  • It's compact and has found a permanent spot on the kitchen counter.
  • It recharges pretty fast and has made life a little easier. I've been using it to clean the twin's high chair and the floor around after each meal and the suction is still strong. I plan to take it down to the car and give the carseats a quick once over.
  • It's nozzle is big enough to pick up finger foods AND it comes with an alternate smaller nozzle to get to all the little corners like say under the highchair cover
  • It's easy to clean out.
Did I already say I love this vacuum? Let's put it this way, if this vacuum was named Renee and I was called Tom, I would pick it up, look deeply into it's nozzle and tell it "You complete me!"

Well, that's enough cheese for the weekend. I'm linking up with Julia's mama loves and signing out.

PS: This post is not paid or sponsored by the Dirt Devil company in any way. I'm just a woman in love!

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