The Back-Up Diaper Bag

I have a back-up diaper bag. "What is this?" You may ask! It's a diaper bag that stays in my car (most times) and contains spares that will come in  handy in  an emergency. As an aside, it also allows me to take impromptu trips with the girls without packing my main diaper bag as I know whatever I may need are in the bag.

What's in the bag?
  1. Similac ready to feed formula 8oz bottles. 4 bottles.That's enough for 2 feedings meaning I can be away from home for 6 hours and the babies still get fed.
  2. 4 sets of bottle nipples, rings and  covers to go with #1 above. I buy the $1 feeding bottles from Walmart, wash and sterilise their parts and keep in a Ziploc in the bag
  3. Pack of store-brand diapers
  4. Resealable pouch of wipes
  5. Diaper disposal bags
  6. Changing mat
  7. 2 weather-appropriate one piece outfit usually either a sleeper or a dress. One for each child
  8. First aid kit
  9. Pacifier wipes
  10. Baby Mum Mum snacks
I love the little bit of spontaneity that my back-up diaper bag gives me.

This post is part of my 31 day blogging challenge thanks to the lovely hosts. I'm also linking up with Amanda's Top Ten Tuesday and Works for me Wednesday


  1. My wife and I each have our own diaper bag, but mine typically stays in the car for the same reasons you state.

    We also keep toys/distractions in there too. Boogie wipes come in quite handy this time of year. Also, a towel or two...just in case.

  2. You are much better prepared than me.

    I have a (less) well- stocked bag I keep in the car. It's actually a back pack and I love that I can carry it and have my hands completely free.


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