The Best Menu Planner for Toddlers

29 January 2012

While writing my post on toddler portion sizes, I found (in my opinion) the best toddler menu planner EVER! (Ok, maybe not the best but I like it) It's on the My Food Guide site from Health Canada.

Why I like it: It allows you to pick 6 foods you eat in each category and then select age and level of activity. The output is a personalized food guide built around the specific foods picked. The personalization of the servings on the food guide helps me plan with actually food that we eat here in twintopia. Our diet is not too diverse; which is one of the reasons I'm focused on trying one new vegetable every month of this year.

The only negative  of this food guide is that the lowest age it goes down to is 2 years. As far as I can see, this only affects the milk requirement.

Here's what our personalized menu plan looks like

The next question would be which meals will your toddler actually enjoy. A good place to start is with the following books that cover a range of meals for toddlers (including allergy proof meals):

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