Baby Teething Rings

I remember when our first tooth came in and the doctor's visit that followed. I asked the doctor about ways to help my babies through the teething period and one of the things he recommended was teething rings that were not liquid-filled. I don't know why he said they should be liquid free, but I liked the idea.

And thus started the search for a teething ring that did not have a liquid filling. Four months later, I finally found the teethers - in a grocery store no less (talk about thinking outside the box)

It was the NUK (Gerber) teether and the girls love 'em. They are more loved than sophie the giraffe. More loved than nibbling on a paci. More loved than chewing the iphone charger. In fact the teethers have become their number two choice for the nibbles. Number one? My toes. (Don't ask please)  

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  2., does it work for molars too??? The girls STILL love teething rings, although we were never told not to get the liquid ones...we were just told not to put them in the freezer (which of course I thought was the whole point!). Anyhow, with the girls molars coming in they are desperately seeking out things to chew on that can reach a ways back. Toddler toothbrushes kind of work, but not really...suggestions? Think these would do the trick? And which grocery store did you find them at?

  3. @Megan the girls only have incisors right now so I don't know if they'll work for molars. Got them from a store called dominions in Canada


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