Easy Potato Meals for Toddlers

02 January 2012

One of my goals this year is to expose the girls to a wide variety of vegetables. As I'm a bit of a picky eater as well, this will also be an opportunity for me to broaden my diet.

First on the list is the humble white potato. Potatoes are not a staple in our house as our diet is more rice-based. My objective was to make a potatoes that could be used as a base for other meals and also can be enjoyed by adults and toddlers alike.

I modified this from the recipe on Wholesome baby food. I sorta skimmed through and missed the part on skinning the potatoes for babies younger than 3. Luckily, the girls had no issues with the potato skins

Day 1 - Roasted Potatoes
  •  Wash and/or peel potatoes and cut into cubes
  • Add any other vegetables to the mix.  I added carrot sticks and onion wedges for flavour
  • Add spices of choice - I used a chicken-flavored bouillon cube - and toss in enough oil to coat the pieces
  • Arrange on a baking tray and bake at 350 deg for 50 minutes (Time will depend on the size of the potatoes)
  • Remove from oven and serve.
  • Store leftovers in refrigerator
Day 2 - Roasted Potato Omelette
  • Melt a tablespoon of butter or butter substitute in skillet
  • Add the leftover roasted potatoes and heat for 2-3 minutes
  • Break in 2 eggs and scramble till eggs are cooked through. (1 per baby. I used 4 eggs as I was sharing the dish with them)
Day 3 - Roasted potato and beef stew
  • Put some beef or chicken stock in a small pot.
  • Add leftover potatoes and small pieces of already cooked beef.
  • Cook until beef is tender and there's very little liquid left.
  • Serve.
Day 4 - Roasted potato bolognaise
  • Same as day 3 but add some pasta sauce to the pot as well
There you have it. 4 nice meals from one base ingredient. I really liked this because it would be a good way to have quick and easy lunches for daycare or the babysitter.

What went wrong: The babies and I loved all the days except day 3. They did not like the texture of the beef so if I had to do it all over again, I'd use chicken instead. All the other days were gobbled up

What I would change: I bought a bag of small colored potatoes because I love the colors. Next time, I will buy the bigger potatoes and save on some prep time.

Disclaimer: I sorta made up the recipe names. There is no such thing as potato bolognaise but I like the fanciness of the name.

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