Baby Alive - Our First Doll

03 February 2012

Our first doll is the Baby Alive doll from Hasbro. It was a last minute Christmas buy. I had been looking for a doll for quite some time and was beginning to think that my criteria for the first doll would not be met. What criteria you ask?
1. The doll must be soft and cuddly - Check
2. The doll must have no moving parts or choke hazards - Check
3. The doll must be a beautiful shade of brown sugar or spicy mocha - Check
4. The doll must have realistic body proportions - Check
5. Realistic black baby hair (think cute afro puffs)

This is the little miss that made the final cut and I was quite happy to find it. Especially love the hair!

Reception: For the most part, the girls have ignored their dolls. In the last 2 weeks though, they've played with them a few times. I hope they love the dolls as much as I do. 

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