Organizing Twin Toddler Closet

This is what I do to keep my twin's closet organized

  • Use hangers so I don't have to fold unless necessary
  • Limit the number of outfits by limiting the number of hangers
  • Keep bibs, socks, hats and indoor shoes in drawers - easier than folding
  • Hang complete outfits together so I know which items are orphaned. That means every top is hung with an accompanying bottom and jacket or sweater if necessary
  • Hanging complete outfits together gives me a quick view of how many days I can go without doing laundry - Laundry day is when we're down to one outfit
  • Hanging complete outfits together also makes the morning rush a lot easier. Just grab a hanger and go
For a more detailed post on organizing kids' clothes and closet, click here.


  1. I love the idea of hanging outfits by coordinating pieces (and hanging everything).

    I hang nice stuff and put their everyday/daycare clothes in drawers (one for sock, one for shirts, one for pants...)

    Based on the looks of your closet, I may reconsider :-)

    One small thing I do that seems to save time: when I take something off a hanger, I put the empty hanger to the end. That way, when it's time to hang clothes, I don't have to search for hangers.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. The countdown to laundry day idea is awesome. Two things I can add.

    First, as soon as an outfit no longer fits, get it out of there. It makes it easier when someone other than you is dressing them.

    Second, when little girls outgrow a dress, don't put it away for good. It can easily become just a shirt when they grow into it.

    Melissa's hanger at the end idea rocks too! Especially when you get to the point of having four little helping hands around.

  3. I like keeping outfits together too! I love the idea of the empty hangers at the end.

    I use a lot of baskets -- one for shoes, one for blankets, etc. -- and that helps to keep things contained.
    Well except now that they love to empty baskets LOL.

  4. We live in a 1920's home (read TINY closets), so organizing clothes has been a big challenge for us! I have started hanging all coordinating pieces of outfits together too, especially those that have more than two pieces (pants, onsie, and jacket/sweater). I think we still have too many clothes though...I favor the same outfits over and over again, so really I should just buy 7 outfits for each girl each season and call it good (instead of 15 for each girl, 10 of which rarely get worn). I have some that aren't all that warm(although still pants and long sleeved), so then I have that stuff to contend with too and it just creates confusion and clutter. It's confusing with seasons! It's constantly a work in progress in our household...
    I think putting the hangers at the end is a good idea too =).

  5. I bought an Ikea dresser with three really deep drawers and a top sock drawer. I put the dresser in the closet to save space. I still have room above the dresser to hang some nice things like dresses and jackets. My favorite thing that has helped tremendously is a long basket [the "Rattan I Am Changer Basket" - fits a ton of clothes] from Land of Nod. I have it on the bottom shelf of our changing table. I throw all their pajamas and daily clothes in the basket. That way, we can easily grab their clothes while changing their diapers. It helped the most when they were newborns and infants because it was a huge time saver. Now they love to pull the clothes out and throw them all over the floor. This is actually a good thing bc it keeps them busy for a little bit.


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