Organizing Twin Toddler Closet

06 January 2012

This is what I do to keep my twin's closet organized

  • Use hangers so I don't have to fold unless necessary
  • Limit the number of outfits by limiting the number of hangers
  • Keep bibs, socks, hats and indoor shoes in drawers - easier than folding
  • Hang complete outfits together so I know which items are orphaned. That means every top is hung with an accompanying bottom and jacket or sweater if necessary
  • Hanging complete outfits together gives me a quick view of how many days I can go without doing laundry - Laundry day is when we're down to one outfit
  • Hanging complete outfits together also makes the morning rush a lot easier. Just grab a hanger and go
For a more detailed post on organizing kids' clothes and closet, click here.

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