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I have a guest post up at Multiples and more today. The topic is choosing infant car seats and strollers for twins and triplets. I spent days doing the research on this post and it's one I'm really proud of. I wish I had read something like that before I went stroller shopping for my twins.

If you're stopping by from Multiples and more, welcome and thank you. Take a look around and drop me a comment or question. I love both.


  1. I wish I had read that before having twins! Great work.

  2. Wish you'd been around when mine were born. What a great resource you are. Luckily, I went with the SnugRides even back then. :) I did love them (and the snap & go that they fit into.

  3. You go girl! Getting your name (and opinions) out there in the bigger arena of multiple mommy bloggers is stellar! Woo hoo!
    I read the post of course, and as always it was perfect...well researched, examined each option from multiple angles, exactly what I would expect from you! Nice work!

  4. Way to go, friend! I can definitely see all the hard work and research that went into that post.

    So wish I'd read something like that before our girls arrived. A wonderful resource for expectant mamas!


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