2012 Lookahead

I love to start every year with prayers and a plan and 2012 is not an exception. Since there was a 2011 recap post, it seemed only fair that I have a 2012 preview post as well.

Here are a few things I'd like to do in 2012 that I'll be posting about on this blog.
  1. Introduce the girls to at least one new vegetable every month and share the winning recipe (I'm a picky eater and I don't want them to pick up my not-so-good habit. Yeah. I'm the grown woman sitting beside you in McDonalds picking all the veggies out of her burger)
  2. Continue with regular monthly development posts with less focus on the physical data
  3. Potty train the girls before their second birthday (ambitious I know)
  4. Learn to sew - I want to be able to make some pretty peasant dresses for the girls.
  5. Learn the basics of early childhood education and the Montessori system so that I can create a mind-nurturing home for my babies
  6. Start weekly excursions to paid-for-by-my-tax-dollars places like free museums, libraries, farms etc
  7. Implement the divide and conquer weekends - Daddy takes one baby, mommy takes the other and we have one on one time. Probably on a monthly schedule
  8. Teach the girls manners. It's not too early. I already get the occasional "takun" from Sugar when I give her stuff.
  9. Incorporate Christian and biblical teachings into our daily life
  10. Get the girls familiar with Yoruba language and Nigerian culture
Those are my mommy goals for the year. At first glance it looks like a lot, but I suspect it'll be more challenging for me than for the babies. Right now they're like sponges and just seem to be soaking up so much, might as well make sure they soak up the right stuff.

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