Self-Feeding Part Deux

28 June 2011

Earlier in the month, I posted about Sugar and half an orange here. I concluded the post with a speculation about mesh feeders. Well, speculation time is over. After that post, I did a little research and settled on the sassy mesh feeder but never got around to using it until yesterday.

Home alone with the girls (too sick to go to daycare) and not in the mood to defrost food cubes and not sure the girls will have an appetite for solids anyway... light bulb moment!

Frozen bananas + mesh feeders + babies = happy home

The girls lurved it. They took their time inspecting the feeder for the first few minutes and then tasted the contents and it was all hums and drool for the next 30 minutes. Their first self-feeding experience was a mother's pleasure to watch (and pain to clean up). So now, I'm researching other foods that do well in a mesh feeder. Self-feeding part deux - Pass!

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