Children's Clothes Semi-Annual Sale

17 June 2011

I'm not just a mom to twins, I'm a mom to twin girls so clothes shopping comes with the territory. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I have a $10 golden rule when it comes to clothes - I do not buy anything over $10. Most times I don't even exceed $5.

Semi-annual sales are really good for stocking up on basics and buying clothes ahead. I try not to buy more than 18 months ahead so right now, I'm buying clothes for 12-18 months and 18-24 months (plus some 2Ts). Here's the lowdown on children's clothes semi annual sale:

Gymboree Red Balloon sale in December/January and June: This is going on right now. I used to think their stuff was expensive, but my sister convinced me that I was wrong. They have some awesome deals on off-season items. So if you live in a place with 4 distinct seasons, this is a good time to stock up on long-sleeve items or warmer clothes. Shopping tip: If you go on a less busy day, you can ask the store manager to allow you shop the boxes in the back room. I did that and every item in the box was less than $7 and most were $3.99 - I'm talking dresses, jeans, tops, sweaters, even a few coats. You have to ask nicely though.

The Children's Place Monster sale usually in January and June: Also happening right now. I find Children's place items to be cut a bit small (especially on Spice who is in the 75th percentile for weight) and their quality is not impressive. I still like them for stocking up on decorated t-shirts in an assortment of colors. I've also snagged sweaters for $2 a piece here so it's definitely worth a look. Shopping tip: Check their website for printable coupons before leaving the house

Carters semi-annual sale in Feb/Mar and ???: I like carters because well, they're carters. I do hate the fact that they seem to buy one huge roll of material and sew dresses, pants, tops, sleepers, onesies from that one roll. The result is sometimes you show up in daycare and the other kids are wearing the same outfit. It's not a big deal, just sayin'. Of course if you shop ahead for next year, this is less likely to happen. Shopping Tip: Sign up for emails and check their website for printable coupons.

Oshkosh B'Gosh: Have one semi-annual clearance sale in December/January. I like them for overalls. They're same as Carters for online coupons. Another Shopping Tip: Shop on Tuesday and you get 2 stamps for every $20 spent. On other days, its 1 stamp for every $20 spent. When you have 5 stamps, you get $10 off your next purchase

Dillards: Yes Dillards! If Dillards is one of the anchor stores in the mall you shop, check out the clearance rack of their children's department when you can. I find Dillards to be super expensive on a normal day, but their deals can also be jaw dropping. Since memorial day, the Dillards in my area have had formal and summer dresses marked down 65% on their clearance racks for $8-$14. The irony of it all, I got a summer dress in Dillards for $10, walked to the opposite end of the mall and same dress was being sold in Macys for over $30. Makes a case for hunting the best prices doesn't it.

Gap: Currently having their Summer Sale. I do find Gap to be expensive even on sale BUT the store I visited today had a $5 and under rack. That rack included jelly sandals, jeans and denim jackets. $4.97 for a pair of baby gap jeans is a steal any day

Crazy 8 semi-annual sale: Also going on currently. Crazy 8 is the little sister to Gymboree and they stock similar styles. I find them to be expensive almost all year round, but their semi annual sale does have some decent prices. Shopping Tip: The store I went to had 3 racks of winter clothes all marked to $3.99. Good price for sweaters and sweater dresses.

One tip that applies to all is when not sure of what's weather appropriate, I buy jeans and tees. Kids will always wear those. Enjoy your shopping and have a blessed weekend

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