Mom Fails - A confessional

21 June 2011

Bad mommy moments?! I know what you're thinking. "You've only been on the job seven months; how many baddies could you have committed?" Well honey, pull up a chair and let me take you back to the hospital where it all started
  1. Two days after having my beautiful babies, it was time to take them home. After reading all the blogs etc, I was prepared with two sets of clothes for each baby; one premmie size and one newborn size. Well, I couldn't get the premmie sizes past their thigh so they wore the newborn sizes. 30 seconds into her going home outfit, Sugar had her first bowel movement and it was an illustrious one. First bad mommy moment: taking baby home in a tee shirt, a diaper and two blankets. Disgraceful!
  2. Once we were home, I was careful to keep all the girls things separate so we didn't have any exchange of germs. It was all good until the time when Spice was screaming for more milk after finishing her bottle and there was Sugar with a good one ounce of milk still in her bottle. Under normal circumstances, I would make a new bottle for Spice. But this was not normal circumstances, this was 3am in the night/morning. I grabbed Sugar's bottle and stuck it in Spice's mouth pronto. Afterall, they shared a womb for 9 months!
  3. First day of daycare. That's a momentous one for any new mom and I was no exception. Did I stalk the daycare after dropping them off or bawl my eyes out? Well no! I missed them, but still picked up breakfast from fastfood drive thru and ate in the mall parking lot while waiting for the stores to open. I spent the next 8 hours in the mall like a woman who hadn't seen the inside of a store in 7 months (I hadn't) and picked the girls up at 5pm - tired but retail-ly refreshed
  4. Cue to this Saturday. The girls woke up at 7 o'clock like they always do on the weekends and chatted up a storm. Now I know from experience that the chatting would go on till either 7:30 or when the girls see mommy get off the bed. Then chatting will become the baby version of "get me out of this crib, it's playtime" at a very high decibel. So I did what any mother with the need for a shower and a good sense of self-preservation would do. I rolled off from the bed to the floor and army-crawled my way to the bathroom out of the line of sight of the two pairs of cute brown eyes in the crib. I felt really silly doing the crawl, but I also felt clean after the shower so there.
I'll stop here. No need to talk about making the girls wear a velvet dress in the middle of the summer for a photo op 

OR mistaking a green plastic ladybird clip in Spice's hair for a real bug that needed immediate annhiliation

OR not realising in the morning that when a night time diaper smells real strong in the middle of the night, it's probably got more than pee in it 

OR when I leave that last tablespoon of baby food in pouch so it can be a mommy snack

OR dropping babies off at daycare without a change of clothes

Ok, if you read this all the way, you have to fess up. What's your bad mommy moment?

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