Reducing Grocery Bill With Twin Babies

13 June 2011

Reducing Grocery Bill with Twin Babies - Part 1

At almost seven months old, the monthly addition to my grocery bill for the twins comes from feeding and diapering. To reduce my grocery bill, these are the steps I'm taking to revisit the cost of food and diapers.

Currently each baby is taking 28oz of Enfamil formula daily. That's 1680oz per month which comes to around $200. The freebies are beginning to dwindle so what are the options for cutting costs on formula?
*   Breastfeeding - puhleeez! It's a little too late for that
*   Switch to store brands; that will cut the cost to $100 per month if I go with the Costco or Target brand. (More of that on my Wednesday post)
*   Grin and bear it

Baby food
The girls are taking a total of 10 ounces of pureed baby food daily and that amount should be keep increasing as they grow. The smartest cost saving option is of course making the food myself (More of that on tomorrow's post)

Since turning 3 months old, the girls' diaper usage has stayed constant at around 10 a day. That's 300 diapers a month and the more obvious cost savings will come from:
*   Buying in bulk from warehouse clubs - I sneaked snuck snucked went to Costco to check the prices of their store brand diapers which had been recommended by a friend. They were listed at 17c each. I get a better price and free delivery by buying through the Amazon Mom program so warehouse clubs offer me no savings on diapers
*   Some sort of cloth diapering is another option. I've come a long way from the obnoxious 7-month pregnant woman that I was when I wrote this. Let's just say, I now have some cloth diapers in my possession and am taking a deep breath and tentatively dipping my foot in the pool of cloth diapering. It'll probably take me a month before I can give a status report.

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