Our New Feeding Milestone

Over the weekend, we experienced an unexpected milestone. While mommy's back was turned, daddy gave Sugah a taste of half an orange. I turned round and screeched said "No, she's not supposed to have thatbefore she's 12 months old". Daddy took the orange away and my sweet little girl went ballistic. She threw her head back, arched her back and kicked and screamed and focused red laser beam eyes on the much-desired half orange which was now out of reach. If only her hands were longer than 8 inches! If only she could crawl! She'd have shown us!!!

Anyway, after calming said offended child and as I settled in for the night, it hit me (My genius moments are usually just before bedtime or in the shower). These kids may just be ready for some form of self-feeding. I know they are now quite skill in removing, twirling and reinserting their pacifiers (except at night when mommy gets to be the pacifier fairy). I don't think they're ready for finger foods just yet, but I see a mesh feeder review in my future. Or what do you think?

Have an awesome weekend. Me, I'll be visiting a hair salon for the first time in over 2 years. Wish me luck.

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