Getting Decor Ideas for Our New Home

14 September 2012

The excitement has slowly been building up for me since we waived the conditions on our soon-to-be new home. To stop me from driving myself crazy, I've spent the last few months browsing for design ideas. My favorite sources have been:  

Houzz: This is an app that has millions of decor pictures. The pictures can be browsed by room, decor style or by metro area. There's also a search function - I've been doing a lot of searching for "grey walls" and "murals". One great feature is that I can save my favorite pictures in an ideabook with notes.

Snapshot of my Houzz ideabook
 Furniture and home decor stores: When I had a few free hours last week, I went browsing furniture stores in the area. The good thing with doing this is you get an idea of what's available in the area and pricing. Plus furniture store displays that are like mini-rooms are a treasure trove of ideas for home accents  

Blogs: Lots of decor blogs out there in the blogosphere but there are very few I can relate to. On that short list are Emily Clark and Holly Mathis. These two blogs have opened my eyes to the possibilities of DIY work and finding unique pieces on craigslist. Thanks to them, I MAY consider welding a spray can of paint for some fancy furniture work.  

Pinterest: Would this list be complete without a mention of pinterest? I'm starting to fall out of love with Pinterest (not sure I was ever in love actually) but I still collate ideas on my Our New House board.  

MLS listings: I love to browse the high-end homes on our mls website. I figured out if a house is worth a million dollars, the owners probably hired an interior decorator and I can get some tips from checking out their cribs.  

HGTv: That's actually the only bit of TV I watch these days

Right now, we're in countdown mode and my heart is beating just a little faster. Anybody else decor stalking?

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