Favorite Books at 22 Months

19 September 2012

The girls love most of their books for different reasons but these two stand out from the rest

My Little Word Book 
This is a board book with actual and realistic photos of animals, food, clothes, toys etc. All in all, there are 216 photos (yes, I was OCD enough to count.) The twins love this because as their vocabulary increases, they are able to recognize a lot of things and ask me to name them in the book. I'm quite proud of the fact that Spice recognizes and can name most of the items on the food and drink page as well as the animals.

Five Little Ducks
I originally bought this book when the girls were going through their "duck" phase. They loved ducks and could "quack" for minutes on end. This is actually a book of action nursery rhymes and on each page, there are sketches of a monkey demonstrating the hand motions for the rhyme. Well would you know it, a few nights ago I saw that Sugar would turn the page and imitate the hand actions of the monkeys illustrated. Her ability to translate a picture in a book into motion amazes me and makes me really respect the kid-smartness behind this book.

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