The No-Cry Discipline Solution

In my ongoing pursuit of discipline tips for toddlers, I went to the library to borrow The Happiest Toddler on the Block. Unfortunately, it was out on loan so I borrowed The No-Cry Discipline Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. This is a review of the book.  

Contents: The book is divided into 4 sections. The first section deals with the parentin attitudes essential for No-Cry Discipline. The second section deals with parenting skills and tools. The third section deals with staying calm and avoiding anger. In the last section, the author shares tips for specific situations. 

My Review: I found the third section to be the most useful because it encourages a parent to dissociate their perception of a child's misbehaviour from the child's actual thoughts. In other words, a misbehaving child is not an indictment of failure on a parent. Apart from this section, I found it hard to relate to or accept the advice this book was advocating. Most of the suggested skills and tools in section 2 just didn't click with me and I found only a few of the tips in section 4 applicable for my unique situation as a mother trying to discipline toddler twins.  

I wasn't too enthusiastic about borrowing this book because I suspected it would lean towards the principles of attachment parenting and I was right. There's nothing wrong with attachment parenting, it's just not my style. I will be going back to the library to stalk the Happiest Baby on the Block  


  1. Just FYI, Happiest Toddler on the Block leans toward attachment parenting, too. And it's not nearly as good or applicable as Happiest Baby on the Block.

    My twins aren't quite 2 and I haven't needed to do too much discipline with them yet. Some books that I really liked for my singleton that you may want to check out were 1-2-3 Magic and Love and Logic (I can't remember the specific name, but there are a bunch of L&L books, one specifically for toddler and preschool ages). I really like The Kazdin Method of Parenting the Defiant Child. The title is totally misleading because your child doesn't have to be defiant to benefit from it. It's a very positive approach - the same philosophy as your guest post.

    Sorry for the unsolicited book recommendations. I read way too many parenting books. It's sort of an addiction.

  2. Thanks for the tip Rachel. I'll look out for the 1-2-3 Magic then. I've heard good things about it. I love book recommendations so no apologies needed


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