31 Letters to a Twin Mom

30 September 2012

Like I did last year, I'm going to spend the month of October participating in 31 days of change being hosted by the Nester blog. My topic for this October? 31 letters to the twin mom I have been over the last 31 months. It's a reflection of the good, the bad and the "what the...?" 

So for the 31 days of October, I'll have:

  1. One month pregnant with twins - This time will be different
  2. Two months pregnant with twins - Courage and stupidty
  3. Three months pregnant with twins - Pregnancy style 101
  4. Four months pregnant with twins - Twin pregnancy is scary business
  5. Five months pregnant with twins - A blog is cheaper than a shrink
  6. Six months pregnant with twins - Murphy was a woman pregnant with twins
  7. Seven months pregnant with twins - Read the return policy
  8. Eight months pregnant with twins - Let 'em bake
  9. Brand new mom of twins - The day my life changed
  10. Mom of 1 month old twins - Post-partum hormones are dangerous
  11. Mom of 2 month old twins - Breastfeeding twins is hard AND possible
  12. Mom of 3 month old twins - Just the three of us
  13. Mom of 4 month old twins - Sleeptraining is not for wimps
  14. Mom of 5 month old twins - Twin mom vs Octopus
  15. Mom of 6 month old twins - Babies are mini-bites of God's love
  16. Mom of 7 month old twins - Don't think too hard mama
  17. Mom of 8 month old twins - Shakespeare said it best
  18. Mom of 9 month old twins - Honoring 2 cultures
  19. Mom of 10 month old twins - Mom, Imma let you finish
  20. Mom of 11 month old twins - Everything you need's in the suitcase
  21. Mom of 12 month old twins - Home is where the heart is
  22. Mom of 13 month old twins - Babies will eat anything
  23. Mom of 14 month old twins - Enjoy both the little things and the big things
  24. Mom of 15 month old twins - Keep calm eh?!
  25. Mom of 16 month old twins
  26. Mom of 17 month old twins - Dear stranger
  27. Mom of 18 month old twins - Are you smarter?
  28. Mom of 19 month old twins - First summer in Calgary
  29. Mom of 20 month old twins
  30. Mom of 21 month old twins
  31. Mom of 22 month old twins 
The numbers actually work out perfectly! The girls will be 23 months in October and 2 years old in November. I think I am transitioning into a new parenting era and this series will give me an opportunity to reflect on the era ending. 

Hope you stick around to enjoy; I'm having fun writing it!


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