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29 April 2011

Some people pay a shrink an hourly fee to de-stress, I troll the mall for an hour and get the same relief - usually for much less money. Well it looks like the clearance aisles are full and I'm buying our 12 months and 18 months clothes off season. Here's where the deals that respect the $10 rule are:

How: Shop the clearance aisle and use the Friends and Family coupon for an additional 25% off. The coupon is printable from Macy's website and good till May 2nd.
Best Buy: Carters single onesies (not the packs of five) can be got for less than $4. Almost the same price as Walmart's Garanimals and much better quality. Also very nice play clothes can be got for less than $10 

Babies R Us / Toys R Us
How: The clearance aisles have been buy one get one free for a while
Best Buy: Party dresses. Nice fleece outfits for coming winter. Christmas outfits (most are gone). Valentine's day onesie. Spring outerwear. Wnter boots. Lots of good deals quite frankly and the buy one get one free deal was made for twin parents everywhere.
Tip: Check Toys R Us as well. They have the same clearance deal and stock similar products

Old Navy
How: There's a current promo for an additional 30% off clearance
Best Buy: I find Old Navy too expensive for the quality of clothes they make. (The only ripped seam we've had till date was with an Old Navy outfit) Still they have some unique pieces and I do love their hooded sleepers

I find Target to be an expensive store all around but if you like green (like I do) get the St Patrick's days accessories for a deal. I got hair bows and socks for 50 cents a piece. I need to check if they have stuff in Easter colors as well.

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