Organizing Paperwork for Kids

20 April 2011


With twins, right from pregnancy I got a ton of handouts from doctors, hospitals, insurance etc. Once the twins were born, I got another stack of papers. With each doctor's visit, this stack gets a little higher. Not to be left out, our daycare also make their contribution to this stack. Truth be told, with twins it's easy to be overwhelmed with clutter and paperwork. One of the steps to decluttering is organizing the twins' paperwork.

To do this I use two items: a three-ring binder and transparent sheet protectors that fold over at the top. This is where I put all the informational papers - medicine dosage, vaccination information, doctor's contact details, daycare correspondence etc. The transparency of the jackets makes it easy to read the information contained without having to remove the paper itself; this means if the information is stapled together, I separate it and each sheet gets it's own jacket.

This folder stays in the nursery and is easily accessible to anyone taking care of the babies as a reference when required. I bought a pack of 50 sheet protectors and the plan is not to buy more. Limiting myself to 50 of the most important pieces of information will stop me from turning the folder into another junk collection. All supplies were got from Walmart but I'm sure any store with an office supplies aisle will do.

Any paper that is deemed not important enough to be in this file, finds its way to the nearest trash can and voila, twin babies' paperwork is organized.

Here are some lovely binders and sheet protectors from Amazon to get you started

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