Baby Bjorn Carrier vs Infantino Review

28 April 2011

Need to juggle two babies at the same time? I do and its a job for my baby carrier. This is a moment for the Infantino Union Ergonomic Carrier vs Baby Bjorn carrier. I own both.

The Ergo baby carrier has generated such a buzz in the parenting community that it was only a matter of time before the bigger players reached for a piece of that pie. Infantino's translation of an ergonomic carrier in the style of the Ergo is the Union baby carrier. The Baby Bjorn on the other hand is the perennial favorite with both the masses and the elite. I bought a Baby Bjorn when the girls were much younger and more recently, I got a Union for free from and I love my two carriers for different reasons.

Infantino Union Ergonomic Carrier, Gray   BABYBJĂ–RN Baby Carrier Original, City Black
Out of the box, I was not feeling the Union. It seemed and is cheaper than the Bjorn plus it took forever (forever being three days) for me to figure out how to adjust it for baby. Once I had that figured out, it has been a breeze to use. I actually use this for my daycare pickups and dropoffs over the Bjorn because wearing it is like 30 seconds faster. It does require rubber hands as you have to reach up behind you to fasten the shoulder clips. It also requires a second person to help if the baby is to be worn on the back instead of the front. My main grouse with this carrier is that it's not height adjustable and I wouldn't use it for a small baby.

The Bjorn was perfect for when the girls were smaller. I could adjust it for their heights and it cradled their heads very well.

Deciding the winner of this throwdown has been really hard for me because both carriers are quite good, but this was the clincher. I took my darling Spice (all 16lbs of her) for a brisk 45 minute walk in the Bjorn this weekend. It went well, but at the end my spine was weeping. It's not so much that the Bjorn is uncomfortable, but a 16lb baby IS a 16lb baby no matter how you look at it. The Union on the other hand distributes the baby's weight in a way that prevents stressing any particular body part.

For real small babies, the Baby Bjorn is the winner but for the older ones, I would take the Union over the Bjorn.

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