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Best Sweet Potato Baby Food

After a week of oat cereal, sweet potatoes were the first veggies I added to my twin babies' diet. In honor of all the companies kind enough to send me coupons, I bought a few different brands and tested them to see which of the baby food brands makes the best jarred sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are afterall the most popular veggie baby food out there. Here's how that worked out

Gerber Organic Sweet Potatoes
Ingredients: Organic sweet potatoes, water, tuna oil, gelatin, choline, ascorbic acid, alpha tocopheryl acetate
Packaging: BPA free plastic
Sugars per 2.5oz serving: 6g
Taste test: To be honest, after reading the ingredient list, I was loath to taste this

Earth's Best Sweet Potatoes
Ingredients: Organic sweet potatoes, ascorbic acid
Packaging: Glass jars

Sugars per 2.5oz serving: 5g
Taste test: Tasted just like sweet potatoes. Mama had a second taste ;) and babies liked it to

Beechnut Sweet Potatoes
Ingredients: Organic sweet potatoes,  ascorbic acid
Packaging: Glass jars

Sugars per 2.5oz serving: 7g
Taste test: I opened the jar and there was a layer of sweet potato that had changed color. I opened another jar and it was the same thing. I returned the other jars to the grocery store

Sprout Baked Sweet Potatoes
Ingredients: Organic sweet potatoes

Packaging: Resealable pouches
Sugars per 2.5oz serving: 6.5g
Taste test: Very creamy and tastes nice.

nurtur me Sweet Potatoes (powdered)
Ingredients: Sweet potatoes, maltodextrin, corn starch, sunflower lecithin

Packaging: Single use pouch
Sugars per 2.5oz serving: 1g
Taste test: Turned out lumpy after mixing and it tastes exactly how I expected a reconstituted powder meal to taste.  This is not about to become a regular here.

This was a close tie between Sprout and Earth's Best jarred sweet potatoes. In the end, I have to give the blue ribbon to Earth's Best based on it being the cheaper of the two.

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