Best Baby Monitor for Twins

27 April 2011

Once parents take their newborn twins home, the first thing they worry about is how to monitor their little ones when they cannot be with them physical. As a twin mom, I can relate as I have gone through 3 different baby monitors in my twins' first 2 years of life. The things to look out for when purchasing baby monitors are

  • Number of parent units - it's nice if each adult in the home can have a unit
  • Battery life of parent units
  • Night visibility of video units
  • Sound quality of units and interferance
  • Other add-ons - some monitors also show the temperature and humidity levels in the babies' room. Of recent, we also have baby monitors with apps that allow you to use your smart phone as a receiving unit
Here's my review of the best baby monitors currently available for twins, triplets and other multiples.

Motion-Sensing Baby Monitors: These are especially useful for preemie twins. They are installed in the babies' crib and sound an alarm if the baby does not move within a few seconds. For parents who have major concerns about SIDS, these monitors are a best buy. The most popular motion-sensing baby monitors are the Angelcare and Snuza brands. Both brands are very highly rated by parents on the Amazon website.


Basic Baby Monitors: These monitors provide sound only. A plug in unit is placed close to the baby and a mobile receiver stays with the care giver. These are the most affordable baby monitors available in the marker. One common complaint with these monitors is interferance from neighbours' electronics. The Avent DECT baby monitor does not have this interferance problem. 


Video Monitors: With video monitors, the parent units transmit bot sound and video. The quality of the night videos is the most critical part of choosing one of these monitors. Another plus of using video monitors with twins? You get to see who climbs out of the crib first during naptime. I have a Lorex Video Monitor that works with my home WIFI and it's picture quality is superb.

One other new feature that's becoming more available is baby monitors where a cell phone can be used as a parent unit by downloading and installing an app. For example, the Withings Baby Monitor pictured below can be used with both iPhones and Android phones


This post is a summary of the best baby monitors for twins currently available in the market. Click on the pictures above to see the detailed reviews of the baby monitors on

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