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A tale of 2 trees

In our house, there sits 2 Christmas trees.

Tree number one is the fancy tree...all $20 worth of fancy. On it hang glitter-covered apples and pears - a testament to my sometimes-imaginary crunchy nature. The girls hung all the ornaments on the bottom so you'll see some branches sporting up to 3 ornaments each.

Tree number 2 is the heart tree. Hidden away upstairs in the family quarters. On it hangs the twins' first shoes, custom/handmade ornaments from my sisters, 2 "baby's 1st Christmas 2010" ornaments and a little ornament from our 2011 Christmas in St John's Newfoundland. This tree is a little short and a little bare but every ornament on it is precious and I hope to fill it up over the years as we write the history of our family.

Which tree do you think is my favorite? Which one is yours: the fancy tree or the heart tree?

PS: I love using the girls' first shoes as Christmas ornaments. For other ideas on things to do with baby's first shoes, see the post I wrote 2 years ago.

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