The Wonder of the Season

Elf on the shelf, advent calendars and other Pinterest-worthy activities
Family pictures and photos with Santa
Meeting the mailing deadline for cards and presents
How much to spend on gifts
Should you gift your colleagues?
What of the boss, cleaning lady and bus driver?
Travel craze and sometimes rage
Family reunions and drama
Christmas menu planning
Store-bought or made-from-scratch?

Tis the season for many-a-stressful moment... But sometimes we need to pause and enjoy the wonder of the season through the eyes of a child (or two)

For my little ladies, one of their favorite things to do this time of the year is to gaze out the window and admire the snow, trees and squirrels. So simple!

Here's wishing you a simple, delightful Christmas season.


  1. Nothing like a child (or two) to help you see the magic all around us. Love their sweet little feet peeking out of the curtains... so glad you are able to enjoy these moments! Merry Christmas!

  2. True that! The same to you! My girls are also amazed at the snow, and love to stare at the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree. Simple pleasures!!!


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