Santa's Empty Bag

And THIS, people is why Santa's bag will be almost empty this Christmas.

A playroom full of oft-ignored toys
A tote that can't close due to the abundance of 4T clothes that are waiting for the girls to grow
A cupboard or two filled with "not yet ready for them" toys

More than I hate clutter, I hate for my girls to have so much that they lose the joy of enjoying "just enough".

We're blessed. God has been very good to us this year. The girls have more than enough toys and clothes to take them into next Christmas. So we're making things real easy for Santa this year. He can come down that chimney with an empty bag and it'll be all good. It works for us. We'll still have a very merry Christmas once we get around to cleaning the playroom!


  1. We are in the same boat! My girls didn't even know what to ask for... that is how I know they have too much! We are clearing out some toys to give to kids who don't have as much. Good luck cleaning out the playroom! :)

    1. I feel like such a wimp. I started cleaning up last weekend and felt so overwhelmed that I stopped and decided the girls will have to be major players in the clean-up game.

  2. I love how the storage bins are completely cleared out..not a single toy left in one of the bins. Looks familiar. ;) I agree with your comment. It's time for the girls to help with cleaning up. I started it recently by singing a little clean up song we learned from the children's gym. We don't have a crazy amount of toys because I've decluttered and organized along the way. But around 80% of our toys were gifts that make it hard to give away. My husband is part of that problem because he works at Disney and loves toys! Add on to that the toys I "have" to get.


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