What 3 year olds like

27 December 2013

A few months ago, I shared the gift list for the girls' 3rd birthday and Christmas. Well now that we've had a month of fun and play and Christmas is over for 2013, I can confidently share with you what my 3 year olds like to play with.

Clockwise from top left

  • A playhouse with little people and furniture. The enjoy making up stories and scenarios and its amazing to see the breadth of their imagination. Pictured is the Fisher-Price Little People Home which had been sitting in the garage for over a year before I brought it out last week. Any dollhouse would do but I have no complaints about this one especially as it has a lot of extras - farm, animals, school bus, zoo etc - available online and in stores
  • Coloring books, writing books and stickers. Thanks to Samantha's advice, I got a pre-K learn to write book that Sugar seriously loves practicing her numbers on. (Johanna of Baker Twins suggested building their hand muscles with playdough and I do have that in storage but just can't figure out how to incorporate it into play without making a big hardwood-ruining mess)
  • Dress up clothes and accessories 
  • Electronic music activity board (LeapFrog Touch Magic Ocean Music School)
  • Jigsaw puzzles. 10-30 pieces appears to be ideal for their current skill level. Spice really loves her Dora puzzles and our puzzle collection has been growing rapidly
    • Twin mom tip 1: Have the kids try to solve the puzzles together and/or separately depending on their dynamics. 4 times out of 5, the sanity of our house is preserved by keeping the girls working on 2 different puzzles at least two-arms-length apart (see photo above)
    • Twin mom tip 2: Store individual puzzles in ziplock bags and let the kids learn to get a bag, solve puzzle, break it up and put it back in the bag. We have that routine down to a pat and it saves me picking up puzzle pieces after them
There you have it! I think most of the items on the list worked out really well. What say you? What did your 3 year olds enjoy at this stage?

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