Calgary Farmers Market Favorites

24 June 2012

I've visited a farmers' market every other weekend since we moved into our home. My favorite so far has been the Calgary's Farmers' Market. It's an indoor market that's open every Saturday and Sunday and has quite an assortment of fresh foods and homemade goodies. It's also my opportunity to feed my twins organic foods without breaking the bank.
I've always thought organic foods are expensive and they usually are. Even in the farmers' markets. I've however found that there are some deals in the Calgary Farmers' Market that are comparable to if not better than the grocery store foods especially when purchased in season. Notice how bell peppers are sometimes as expensive as 3 for $5 in the grocery store? Try the farmers market. You just may be in for a pleasant surprise. 
Calgary Farmers Market Wall Mural

My favorite stalls in the Calgary Farmers' Markets have been:
Souto Farms for fresh produce - I love, love love them. The have the largest variety of produce AND the best prices in the market. Plus they're friendly and have samples everywhere.  
Bowden Farms for chicken 10lb box of drumsticks

Sylvan Farms for cheeses - The girls love their 5 year aged cheddar. Yummy, yummy!

This week, all my loving is going out to Calgary Farmers Market and to Julia, the lovely hostess of Mama Loves which I'm linking up to today. Go check out the cute flashlights that her girls are loving.

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