Weight Scale for Small Babies

15 January 2013

One thing that parents of multiples get to obsess about is the weight of their babies and how fast the babies are growing especially in comparison to their peers. For this endeavour, an accurate baby weight scale is a must. 

A boppy pillow was one of those items a lot of moms raved about and I had on my wish list while pregnant with the twins. Since I already had a brand new twin breastfeeding pillow, I decided to buy a used boppy pillow from one of my colleagues. H was selling it for $10 and for an additional $5 he offered to throw in a digital baby scale. For 5 bucks, I got my most under-appreciated baby item - the Redmon Weight to Grow digital baby scale.

Apart from when we were in transition and our things were in storage, I've used this scale every month to monitor the girls' growth. I've found the scale to be very accurate and it gives their weight to the nearest half ounce i.e it gives weight readings like 24lbs 9.5oz.

Does every baby need to be measured monthly? No.
Do twins need to be measured monthly? Probably not.
Do twins born to a mother with a vivid imagination need to be measured monthly? Absolutely!

How does having a digital weight scale help me?
It makes it easier to track the effect of dietary changes on their growth. After their second birthday, I switched the girls away from their 3.25% fat milk with a scoop of toddler formula. Instead they now get 2% lactaid milk which is a lot less calories than they used to get. Sugar is on the 10th percentile line and does not need to be dropping calories. I assume that eating more solids would make up for the reduced calorie intake and growth will not be impacted. . If their growth is impacted, my digital scale will be the first signal that something is wrong.

I was going to give this scale away until I discovered it goes up to 44lbs. Now I plan on keeping it. There are many babyscales around but the Redmon Weight to grow is the only one I've used and I can recommend it to any parent who has reason to want to keep an eye on their kids' weight. In 2+ years I haven't had to chance a battery. Brand new, it's fairly pricey - around $75 in various online stores so if a colleague ever comes to the office and offers to sell you one, take him up on the offer.

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