Project 52 Photos 2013; Week 2

16 January 2013

This is the week where we break the tabs on the first of our size 3T clothes. 

Sugar in pic above checked out all the labels on the clothes and then ripped them all off and threw in the trash. Spice in pic below put on her "Princess Ariel" costume and checked out the fit of the clothes just as she's seen mommy do.

The girls and I spent Saturday morning checking out which 3Tclothes would fit and which ones were still too big; plus weeding out the too short 2T clothes. It was a lot of fun for me and made me realize that the girls had too many size 2T clothes. I'm currently stocking their 4T clothes box and will definitely be focusing more on quality than quantity now that the clothes are supposed to last a year. 

These photos are for week 2 of my Project 52 for 2013. My goal is to take at least one picture every week and write a note to the girls on it. Some weeks will have pictures of the girls together and some weeks will be individual pictures of each girl.

*   Samantha of Cherry Pie Twins is also doing a weekly photo project to document life with her precious 2 year old twins. It's worth checking out.

*   Melissa at MaMe Musings is also sharing weekly photos of her twins that make her smile like peas and cheese

If you're doing a similar project this year, do let me know and I'll put your link in my weekly posts. 

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