Toys and Play at 20 Months

17 July 2012

As 20 month old toddlers, the twins play has evolved. They now seek much more interaction with their environment and enjoy toys that allow them to do that. Imaginative play is also something they are capable of and enjoy. Here's a list of our recreational arsenal at 20 months:

Play Kitchen and Accessories: We have a "previously loved" Little Tikes kitchen with a cupboard and microwave section. The girls love to stir stuff in their pots and give us a taste. Of late, they also put their sippy cups in the microwave, heat it up and remove for a drink. It's fun to watch them play "house". 
Quick note: I get a few of my toy ideas from the moms of other winter 2010 babies (see my sidebar for the list). I didn't think the girls were ready for this level of play until I saw Samantha's blog post on how her twin girls love their play kitchen.
Tip: for this age, keep accessories at a minimum as it'll be a few more months before they are ready for full fledged kitchen and food play. I have just 4 pots and 2 spoons out and it's enough for now. The playfood can wait until they are older.
Warming a pot of food in their microwave
Wagon: We have the Step2 Wagon for Two with trailer and it's parked in the garage. Sugar likes to dive in every morning on our way out for a quick imaginary spin. Generally, the girls enjoy walks around the neighbourhood, and with the wagon we're able to cover longer distances and sneak in some exercise in the process.
Books: They're loving their books and actually sitting down to point out pictures they recognize in the books. For now my book buying strategy is buying books with pictures of things they can recognize. Both girls are big on ducks right now and farm animals in general so we have a few books around that theme.

The Fisher Price Musical Activity Table is still in favor. Talk about a value for money toy, this is it.
I think the girls are bored with most of their baby toys and need more toddler toys. So any other toy recommendations for this age?

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