See Kai Run Shoes Review

11 July 2012

In May, I celebrated the twins moving from crib shoes to big girl shoes. The first pair of shoes I got for them were these size 6 See Kai Run shoes. It's now July and these shoes have been outgrown (I think all the food is going to their feet!).

Here's my review of See Kai Run shoes based on our experience.

The good
*  The shoes are soft and do not cramp the girls' toes. I can see why they are on the APMA list
*  They come in a variety of pretty styles and colors

The Bad
*  The shoes are quite wide (and possibly the girls both have narrow feet) so they never fit snugly even with winter socks. There was always that gap
*  See Kai Run shoes are expensive and usually retail in the $40 range

The Ugly

The shoes are peeling and no longer looking so pretty. The girls spent 80% of the time indoors with no rough and tumble play so I don't understand why the shoes showed so much wear after what's really just 60 days of usage. This effectively means little to no resale or reuse value. I wouldn't want to pass them on to anyone the way they look. The black spots on the shoes in the picture are not dirt spots, they're peeling "leather"
I will always compare other kid shoes to Robeez shoes as I consider them to be the most affordable APMA recommended shoes. The See Kai Runs are sold at a price premium to Robeez so I expected a lot more. I don't think I would be buying any more of this brand except it was priced within the range of Robeez/Striderite which is $25 or less.

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