24 minus 4 months Update

You can only imagine the panic that set in when I was doing some random  arithmetic and realised that 24 minus 4 is 20. That means in 4 months time, I will be the mother of 2 year old toddlers. Even just typing that gives me mild palpitations.
Weight: Spice is a little under 22lbs and Sugar is 21lbs. I've started adding formula into their milk again because I feel even though their weight is not a health concern, there's a need to keep them on high calorie foods so they don't fall off their growth curve
Wardrobe: is complicated. I have the girls in 24M dresses because the 18M dresses are too short for my liking. Our pants are size 18M but the waists are a little too big. For tops, the girls are in 18M but can still fit into their 12M tops.
Diet: Favorite foods for this season are plums, nectarines and pasta with shredded beef
Activities: This weekend, we gave the big kid slide a spin at the park and the girls loved it. They loved it much. I think I have little daredevils on my hands. They also love touring the neighbourhood either walking or in their wagon.This is another season of lukewarm love for their toys and their activity preference is exploring the house and the world outside

This month, I'm doing things a little different and focusing on their skill development.
Feeding skill: Eating semi-solids with a spoon semi-accurately. That sorta covers yogurt and cereal with milk. I say semi-accurately because it can be quite messy
Exasperating skill: Sugar is now tall enough to reach EVERY light switch in the house and she will not walk by one without a few ons and offs. Even the dimmer switch is not exempt
Annoying skill: Spice randomly taking off her diaper regardless of content
Verbal skills: Spice now has a name for her pacifier - "papis" and she WILL NOT go to sleep without her papis. To think 3 months ago I was under the delusion that I could take away the nighttime pacifier.
E-skills: Spice can find and operate the Elmo app on my Ipad and of course, she's taught Sugar how to do the same. I used to admire my little niece's skill with the Apple products when she was around the twins' age; that admiration has waned now that I have 2 people hustling to use my Ipad with me
Scary skills: Sugar will not only close the front door but she can lock and unlock the deadbolt. She has also figured out all the pedal bins i.e the diaper genie and the kitchen trash can
Feline skill: Yep feline not filial. Both girls are now professional cat-fighters. I'm talking shoving, hitting and hair-pulling. We've been putting a lot of mileage on the apology followed by the hug plus I'm getting to perfect my time-out strategy and yes, I confess I am also doing a lot of yelling
Delightful skill: Both girls will now sit still for us to read to them. It makes for nice snuggle moments

20 months! Sometimes I dress the girls up and I marvel at how much they look like little people. Then they go through the phase where mommy just has to hold them and nothing else will do. That's when I realise they'll always be my babies *wipes tears*. Happy birthday my little blessings!

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