My Toddlers' First Pillow

25 July 2012

It seemed like it was time for the twins to get their first pillows, so after sampling some online mommy opinions, I went to Babies R Us and got 2 pillow pets. The pillow pets are currently residing in the basement after being on the receiving end of vicious kicks from babies who did not appreciate sharing their cribs. The babies did not like the $13 fur-coverd ladybird pillow pets. Back to the drawing board!

The perfect toddler pillow must be smaller and flatter than standard pillows and is hard to find. I found it in the most unlikely of places: IKEA. It's the LEN cot pillow. IKEA also had matching pillowcases and sheets but I wanted the girls to use satin pillowcases as that's much better for afro hair. So I went out and bought some pink satin fabric, whipped out the not-so-old sewing machine and decided I was going to make my princesses a few pillowcases (complete with silk thread embroidery) and display my work proudly on the blog and pinterest.

Unfortunately, my sewing abilities could not live up to my sewing ambitions and I was left with 2 pillows, yards of satin and 2 pillow-less babies. One night, Spice wouldn't stop coughing and I thought she really could use a pillow to elevate her head. So I stuffed their itty-bitty pillow into my king-size, fuschia satin pillowcase and gave it to her for the night. She loved it. They both do. It's a bit of a makeshift solution, it's not pinterest-pretty but don't tell my babies that because right now, they think their first pillows are the best things since sliced bread breastmilk.

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