2012 Goals Part 3

Beginning of the year, I shared my goals for the year and have been regularly keeping track of my progress or lack of. In the spirit of honest blogging and disclosure, here's whereI stand today.

Goal 1: Introduce the girls to at least one new vegetable every month and share the winning recipe. I'm still introducing the girls to new tastes thanks to my regular visits to the farmers' market. It's not always vegetables though, this last couple of months it's been spicy food (they love rosemary in their pasta) and fruits.

Goal 2: Continue with regular monthly development posts with less focus on the physical data. Yes and my project 52 (at least a picture for every week of their second year) is going quite well. I look forward to putting the photobook together at the end of the year. Just looking at pictures from December when they could barely crawl to today's pictures of them climbing cribs is a heart-warming.

Goal 3: Potty train the girls before their second birthday. Hmmn! Ok, here's my story and I'm sticking to it. We have so many transition points between now and their 2nd birthday -change of daycare classes in July and moving homes in September. I know potty training should not happen at times of transition so I've dialled back my aspirations. All I do now is put them on the potty before bedtime and make them watch the potty training dvd.

Goal 4: Learn to sew. Hemmed a grey pair of pants with black thread. Sewed a hole into the hem of the second pair. Paid $18 to get both pants "fixed". At this point, I'm seriously thinking of selling the machine and investing in a good glue gun. That or find the time for sewing lessons.

Goal 5:  Learn the basics of early childhood education and the Montessori system so that I can create a mind-nurturing home for my babies. ??? Not sure where I stand on this one.

Goal 6: Start weekly excursions to paid-for-by-my-tax-dollars places like free museums, libraries, farms etc The whole idea behind this is sponteneity and not getting trapped by the "I can't go out with two toddlers" concept. So we have random and unplanned trips to the parks (plenty of parks in Calgary), grocery store and even the farmer's market

Goal 7: Implement the divide and conquer weekends - Daddy takes one baby, mommy takes the other and we have one on one time. Very rare. The girls don't like seeing someone getting dressed to go out and have fun while they're not invited. They both run for their shoes and jackets and stand guard at the door. Like "you'll have to go through me to leave this house"

Goal 8: Teach the girls manners. It's easier to teach babies manners than it is to teach toddlers; but we're trying

Goal 9: Incorporate Christian and biblical teachings into our daily life. The girls now regularly say "Amin" after their nighttime prayers. In fact, when they're tired, they lie on the carpet and keep repeating "night night" and "amin". Good progress. Only God can shape the heart of a believer but a parent still has a role to play

Goal 10: Get the girls familiar with Yoruba language and Nigerian culture. All the kids in western countries born to Nigerian parents share one experience in common: parents speak to you in english and yell at you in "the language". My kids are going to be no exception. Imma try to incorporate some Yoruba conversation into our lives but right now, the only know the words I yell out. As for Nigerian foods, they love and eat everything with gusto. Standing right beside pasta as their favorite food is pounded yam and ogbono soup.

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  1. What fantastic and admirable goals. I look forward to reading about your potty training when you get to that stage. I swore I would start the boys this summer but they don't seem ready at all! It is totally a mystery to me!

  2. Wow, mama! You amaze me, as always!

    Do your girls have toddler bibles? We have several different "Jesus" books, and they are some of the babies' favorite reads. We have also added some Bible songs to our song rotation. Since we aren't regular church goers or overtly religious people, we have found these small additions have become a very comfortable way of beginning our work in this area.

    1. We have an easter book and a mini-bible. I think I need to build up that stock once we move. Any specific titles you recommend?

  3. Love the farmer's market idea - such a great way to get variety in to the food toddlers eat. I need to do that a.s.a.p.! I keep giving my girls the same 'ol same 'ol.

    1. It's good for me as well. I get to eat my veggies as well because they taste so much better than supermarket fare. Plus to keep it cheap, I buy what's in season and low-priced in the market and then look for a recipe that'll work.

  4. Goal 10 got me laughing just because I know from experience it is so true. Wonder why all Yoruba parents especially mums do that ;)

    PS: I found your blog through Marcia @ 123 blog. Couldn't resist dropping by...


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