Traveling with Twin Toddlers - The Ziplock edition

10 March 2012

It was ten years ago when I first learnt the importance of traveling with ziplock bags. I had gone to visit my sister when I found a really large bottle of my favorite shampoo. As this shampoo was hard to find at home, I got a couple of bottles to take home with me. When I got home, my suitcase was a big, ugly, shampoo-blue mess. It took several washings to get rid of the "heads and shoulders"smell on my clothes.

I learnt the valuable lesson that day. When traveling, all liquids, gels, lotions and creams should be kept in sealed ziplock bags. Even if they spill in transit, the spill is contained. Since becoming a parent to twins, this lesson has proven even more useful.

Everytime I've traveled with the girls, their toiletries have been in zipped, plastic bags. In their diaper bag, clean pacifiers, dirty pacifiers, medicine bottles and smaller toys all have their individual ziplock bags. This last trip, I even kept all their socks in one big ziplock bag and it made unpacking that much easier. The one thing I forgot to bag? Their diaper rash powder and this is the price I paid.

This picture reminds me of why this mama loves traveling with ziplock bags. Glad to be linking up with Julia for another weekend edition of mama loves and Works for me Wednesdays

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