Review of Melissa and Doug Baby Puzzle

I finally found the Melissa and Doug puzzle that was on our Christmas wishlist. As far as I know, it's the only puzzle for babies a year and above. I got the first shapes and farm puzzles on sale at BRU.  

Cost: I've seen these puzzles on sale in stores for 12 - 17 Canadian dollars. In the US, I've seen them in TJX for 10 dollars and on Amazon for under 10 dollars. They usually go on sale so no need to buy them at full retail.

Play factor: Having owned this puzzle for a couple of weeks now, I think perhaps Melissa and Doug overestimated the abilities of one year olds just a little. Yes the girls love the puzzle and do try to put the pegs in the hole; but more often than not the pieces are used as nibble toys and bath toys. The most fun the twins have had with their puzzles is Sugar throwing the pieces in the bath tub one piece at a time.

Ah well! I think puzzles are best left for 18 months and older.


  1. Have you seen the M&D puzzle with the locks and latches? I've been meaning to buy it after my girls played with it on a playdate. They were in awe! And the bonus is there are no loose pieces.

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  3. (sorry for the multiple posts)

  4. My girls chewed on puzzle pieces until they were around 15 months or so---then they actually tried to put them together. We have the first shapes, and and farm one, but it's different than yours. Definitely high quality puzzles----they're a must-have around here :)

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is exactly what Livvy and Bri would do! Try and eat them, then when that didn't work, throw them in the tub! It's amazing what I find in the tub nowadays! LOL!

  6. No worries, my kids STILL chew on puzzle pieces and they are way older than your babies...LOL!!!

    Hey, at least they're finding a good use for them though, right??


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