The Sweetness of Twin Parenting

26 February 2012

My e-friend Melissa of Mame Musings gave me an Irresistibly Sweet Blog award. I'm tickled pink especially because the people that know me in real life describe me with a lot of adjectives. Sweet is not one of them. So I'm kinda glad that the e-ME is sweeter than the real me.

For the award, I have to share 7 random facts about myself. Becoming a mother has made me tap into places inside that I didn't know existed. My life and senses have been redefined. Here are 7 sweet but random things about how life as a twin parent has changed my senses
  1. Touch: Friday was the girls' first day in their daycare after 6 weeks away. When we picked them up, Sugar ran up to me and couldn't stop kissing my cheeks. She'd pull away, smile at me then lean in and kiss my cheeks. Pull away, smile and repeat. *Heart melt*
  2. Smell: I'm cuddling my babies and I bury my nose in their neck. It smells of baby powder and spit up. I inhale  deeply and exhale with the sigh of bliss. Curdled milk never smelt this good
  3. Hearing: The twins still sleep in my room so every morning, I get to listen to 20 minutes of the sweetest baby babble after they wake up. I just lie in bed grinning stupidly at the sound of words that have no meaning
  4. Sight: I watch my babies sleep. I watch them. Sometimes I'm a little late to work because I forgot to stop looking at them and actually go get ready for work.
  5. Taste: Hardly anything goes into my babies' mouth without a mommy taste test - for someone that hates mushy food like I do, that's a big deal.
  6. Speech: The way my babies stop and listen in rapt attention with smiles of pleasure when I sing is a sweet ego-boost. I was in the church choir as a teenager but the truth is that particular choir did not turn anyone away so I'm under no illusions about my musical talents. It's not important though because in my girls' ears, Beyonce's got nothing on mommy 
  7. Emotional imbalance: I now have intense emotional reactions to parenting events involving friends, family and strangers. Case in point, this morning my cousin's baby was being dedicated in church. I cried as I watched the ceremony online. This was crying complete with the red eyes and snot. Why? Just because motherhood is so beautiful and taking a precious gift to be dedicated back to the Giver of all gifts - SWEET!
Now here's the part where I pass the award on to 10 other bloggers. If you read my blog and have a blog, I'd love to read a post on 7 random things about you. So consider yourself awarded and let me know in the comments sections please.

Happy Monday!

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