Christmas Gifts for One Year Olds

20 December 2011

This is a list of Christmas gifts that Santa got for the babies.

Disclosure: Santa went shopping, came home late and tired and left the bags of toys on the floor. The next morning, Sugar discovered the bags and ... well let's just say Christmas came early.

In no particular order, I'll tell you what we got and why
  1. Playskool Busy Poppin pals. Battery-free and I like that it will teach the girls to operate different types of knobs/buttons.
  2. Playskool Busy Tumble Top. Battery-free fun
  3. LeapFrog telephone. Thanks to Samantha's tip, I trawled Walmart for a battery-free remote control that might perhaps save our phones and tv remote from curious little fingers. I couldn't find anything that looked like a decoy so I settled for these phones. It was the most authentic looking though it is rated for 18 months. I've already given the girls a demonstration and they're enjoying placing it on the ear and babbling. I got 2 of this for the sake of world peace
  4. You are my sunshine by Jimmie Davis - This book is based on the song by the same title. Bought it because I know I can carry that particular tune and I love the song. 
  5. Box of 100 Megabloks. I remember legos with fondness and truth be told, megabloks are everywhere right now. I'm not sure that the girls can  play with this now. Even though it says for 1 year and up, we'll wait a couple of months before trying to play or build anything 

What I wish I got

The Melissa and Doug Jumbo Knob Puzzle was available in stores for the longest time, now I can't find any to buy

Some sort of lounging chair - They've mastered the art of climbing into a chair so it seems like a logical next step. I fancy those Disney foam chairs and again, I procastinated on buying them and they seem to be sold out for Christmas.

The radio flyer wagon would make a great walker, but it's a little pricey and considering the fact that we do have 2 walkers / pushtoys making their way across Canada on a truck, it just doesn't seem worth it.

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