Relocating with Twin Babies - Sleeping Arrangements

26 November 2011

Due to my move, I've been living out of a suitcase for over a month now. Relocating with twin babies is not easy but I'm really glad with the sleeping arrangements we have thanks to the Kidco Peapod travel beds.

I got 2 on sale from a USA BAby store closing and I'm really glad I did. They take up minimum floor space in our rented accomodations so I'm able to still co-sleep with the babies. It took the girls a few days to adjust to the new sleeping arrangements but since then, they've been sleeping quite well in the beds. One plus is that it can be zipped so the babies don't roll out in the middle of the night and unzipped in the morning so the girls know the feeling of getting out of bed by themselves.

I think I like the independence it gives them. Now I understand why the Montessorri way is so big on placing mattresses on the floor.

I'm linking up with Julia who's got some chocovine love going on. Not sure what chocovine is? Check out her blog to find out.

Several variations of the Peapon can be purchased on Amazon

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