Post-Antibiotics Baby Food

02 November 2011

Spice has been having a horrible time for the last three weeks. It all started with an ear infection that needed a ten day course of antibiotics during which time her appetite dropped quite a bit. Then a few days after finishing the antibiotic course, she took over the diarrea baton from Sugar. My baby was pooping six times a day, totally miserable, clingy and dropped off her eating to barely 10 ounces of formula.

When it seemed like she was losing weight and becoming too lethargic, I decided to follow the pediatrician's advice from the 9 months check up to replace a bottle or two with Pediasure. As a bonus, it turns out that Pediasure is lactose free. (my sister had suggested switching to lactose free formula until the diarrhea period was over).

The result of the switch? Well, after the first bottle of Pediasure, I had a new baby. The food stayed in and for the first night in over a week, she slept just like a baby. By the end of the second day on Pediasure, my smiling happy baby was back in the house. She even poked Sugar in the eye a few times for good measure.

That's it, Pediasure is the best thing I could have done for my unhappy baby after her course of antibiotics. She's back to taking 24+ ounces a day and wolfing down her solids. Pediasure really worked for us.

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