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10 November 2011

When I was pregnant, the 2 blogs that I followed closely were by Megan and Meghan because we all shared the same due date.

Meghan was a cancer survivor pregnant with triplets. She had her triplets in October 2010 and was a proud and devoted mother. Was. She died on the 26th of October, 11 days after her babies' first birthday. She was a fighter till the end and left her babies with a legacy of love.

Here's an excerpt from one of the most touching posts on her blog

I need to vent and here is the only place I feel like I can really let it all out so here it goes...

My thoracic surgeon called and wants to do surgery to remove the tumors on my right side next week. This surgery will be bigger than any I've had in the past and recovery will be rough (his words). I will be in the hospital for a week and recovery time will be 6-8 weeks. TO add to that, he wants to go in and get the tumors on the left side 2-3 weeks after the left side surgery. We can't do it all at once because it's too much for my body to handle. Of course my biggest concern is these babies. My husband can't do it all alone. Yes, we have parents here and yes people have offfered to help but I feel so terrible having to be away from them. I know this is what I need to do in order to give me a better chance of survival but I just keep thinking that if I hadn't been so slefish in wanting babies that we woulnd't be in this situation.

What if I don't make it through it this time? What if my babies don't even get to have any memories of me but through the pictures we have taken so far? I know this sounds so morbid. In the past I thought about cancer taking me but nothing like this. I don't want my babies to grow up without a mom, I don't want my husband to lose his wife, I don't want my parents to lose a daughter, and I don't want my siblings to lose a sister.

My elderly neighbor just came over as I was writing this post and brought me a dozen yellow roses and a bamboo plant. As we were talking she says "God never gives us more than we can handle" and she doesn't know about any of the cancer stuff. It's so true and I needed to hear that.

Thanks for letting me vent (and cry as I wrote this post).

Please remember Meghan's family in your prayers.

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