Detangling Brush for Babies - Denman Tangle Tamer

07 November 2011

I have just discovered the best detangling brush for my babies hair; it's the Denman Tangle Tamer. After the drama of cradle cap, my girls are growing their little afros back. Their baby curls are gone and the new hair growth is more adult like (Black hair quick tip: The hair texture babies are born with changes over the first year to a more adult texture).

Their adult texture is just like mommy's. Long, kinky and prone to shrinkage. They don't understand all those big words; all they know is that it really hurts when mommy combs their hair. They were crying so much that I started looking for detangling solutions that were suitable for babies. That's when I came across the Denman Tangle Tamer Children's Hair brush. The reviews on Amazon looked good so two clicks later, the brush was on its way.

Verdict: I love this. I use it to brush the girls hair before combing out with an afro comb and it really takes out most of the tangles painlessly so there's a lot less screaming when I get to the combing part.

I love this brush and it's been a well-spent $15!

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