Wonder Week 37 - Baby learns to categorize

06 October 2011

Earlier in the year, I reviewed The Wonder Weeks book in glowing terms. I still love the book and read the necessary chapters at least monthly to have an idea of the mental changes the girls are going through.

Sometimes I question if it's just a flaky idea, then I get this type of validation.

See, Wonder Week 37 is called "World of Categories". This is where children are able to understand that particular things belong together. An example the book gave that really stuck with me was children understand something like a striped cat, a yellow cat, a spotted cat are all cats. It took a while, but one day I just noticed that Sugar really demonstrates this in her choice of toys. She always likes to hold a toy in each hand, but guess what? It always has to be two of the same toy in a different color. It's 2 links, 2 balls, 2 weebles, 2 tamborines. Never 1 of each

Either The Wonder Weeks study is really validated or she got that little bit of OCD from mama's gene pool 

PS: Noticed how this 31 days of blogging is making me post a lot more pics than I normally would? Not sure it that's a good thing yet.

This post is part of my 31 day blogging challenge thanks to the lovely hosts.

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