Pouch is the new black

15 October 2011

If you've been to the baby food aisle of your grocery store lately, you may have noticed some changes. In the old days, pouched baby food was made only by the small, independent, green, crunchy, organic, frufru brands. That's not the case anymore. These days, everyone and I do mean everyone - Gerber, Beechnut, Earth's Best - is selling baby food in pouches.

I didn't get why the trend because the pouched baby foods are generally 50% more expensive than the jars. It's hard to find a pouch on sale for $1 or less. "Why would any parent pay that much for baby food?" I used to wonder. I got my answer today.

I have a stockpile of pouches that I plan on using for our move and they're all kept in a little cardboard box. This morning, Spice crawled up to the box, picked up a pouch and kept gnawing at it. On a whim, I opened two pouches for the girls and handed to them. Last time I tried this, I ended up with 2 unhappy babies, one cut lip and a huge mess. This time around, the girls slurped away happily without missing a beat and in less than 5 minutes, the pouches were empty and I got some majorly happy two-toothed grins.

That's when it hit me. Pouches are a less messy way of getting little people to self-feed. It's like throwing baby food in a straw sippy that doesn't need cleaning or tutorial. The girls instinctively knew what to do with the pouch and there was no choking or gagging. I'm loving this pouch business.

Pouch is obviously the new black for baby food makers and I can live with that. Suddenly, feeding babies while travelling is a little less daunting. One more tool to help with our transition

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