Teething with BRAT

28 October 2011

It's only taken 10 days of cleaning up after diarrhead babies while relocating internationally for me to stumble upon the official name of the diet I've been trying to enforce with them. It's called the BRAT diet and is supposed to be good for adults and children losing bodily fluids from either (or both directions)

The girls diarrhea is as a result of teething (in my humble un-medical opinion) and here's how BRAT dieting has been useful for us in controlling the diarrhea.

Diced banana finger foods plus banana fruit pouches
Switched totally to rice cereal. Eating the adult rice meals. Baby Mummums, Farleys teeting biscuit (an oldie newly discovered in Calgary)
I'm skipping this because the acidity wrecks havoc on diaper rash
I put some butter and sliced cheese on this just because that's how I like my toast.

This is by no means a balance diet and these just replace the solid part of the girls' feedings. They still get their bottles and full compliment of nutrients from the ~20oz of formula they take daily.
This post is part of my 31 day blogging challenge thanks to the lovely hosts.

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