Options for Clearing Baby's Nose

14 October 2011

I've come full circle in the world of noses and boogies. I started out with the bulb syringe, blew through 3 Graco Nasal Aspirators, 1 Nosefrida the snotsucker, 1 Safety First aspirator and I'm back to the bulb.

The battery-powered machines kept losing suction and I didn't have the lung power or IQ to figure out the nosefrida. I was tired of blowing through a $20 aspirator every other month so I decided to learn how to use the bulb syringe and I became the boogie guru.

All thanks to this video tutorial on Babycenter.com. Now boogies see me and run (all puns intended. It's Friday afterall) 

This post is part of my 31 day blogging challenge thanks to the lovely hosts and contains affiliate links.

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