The Sharpie and I

11 May 2011

The lowly sharpie! I never thought you would come to mean so much to me, but now you do. I have you in all the important nooks and crannies because what's a twin mama without her sharpie
  1. Label the nose sucker bulbs so we don't get any cross-contamination
  2. Label the medicine bottles
  3. Put last use date on open boxes of cereal (they need to be consumed within 30 days)
  4. Label daycare bowls when the sticker washes out
  5. Plan weekly breakfast menu - we still on first foods so I do plan ahead which one gets tried when.
  6. Label toothbrushes (we don't have teeth, but that's really just a technicality. We have toothbrushes and are not afraid to use 'em)
If it shouldn't be shared, I label it. I use to think twins could share everything, but now I think we should try and keep the cold viruses separate.

Honestly Mr and Mrs Sharpie, I think our relationship is permanent and should you choose to dry out with time, I have a replacement plan in place

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