Designing Baby's Menu - 6 months

19 May 2011

I've consulted a lot of sources trying to figure out this whole babies plus solid food business. I mean really, once they've been introduced to the single first foods, what comes next? What formula works best for mixing the foods. In spite of my relentless research on Dr Google, the answer finally came from reading the ingredient list of Earth's Best Breakfast and Dinner food jars.

My impression is every meal should have portions of: grain / cereal carbs + fruit and/or vegetable + protein.

So here's the proposed long-term plan. 

Breakfast: oatmeal or multigrain cereal + fruit + yoghurt or egg yolk
Lunch: Vegetable carb (potatoes, beans, plantains, squash) + meat or fish + fruit juice or fruit
Dinner: Grain carb food (rice, barley, wheat) + meat or fish + green vegetable

Lunch won't be introduced for another couple of months but still, I like to know what I'm working towards. What do you think?

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