Fashion Brands for Toddlers' Shapes

14 May 2013

Last year I went on a bodysuit shopping spree to evaluate the different brands of baby clothes and the results were interesting. I did the same thing with size 18-24 clothes that the twins just recently outgrew. I bought different brand name clothes for a size and quality experiment.

Why? Because for the first one year, baby cloth sizes change every 3 months on average. For the second year, the sizes change every 6 months. From age 2 up, kids' clothes are sized by year. If the clothes now need to be worn for a year, I need to make the best decision as to which brands work for us - I'm a fairly brand loyal customer when it comes to clothes.

What I tested: Jeans from OshKosh, GAP, Old Navy and Gymboree. Jackets and dresses from those 4 plus Crazy8, Tea Collection and Hanna Andersson

What I didn't test: Children's Place because they already off the list due to the results of the "Great Bodysuit Review". Carters because of quality variance depending of where it's purchased plus not a lot of stores in Calgary

Here's what I found out regarding the sizing of the popular children's clothing brands 

My conclusions
Baby Gap / Gap Kids is a clear winner for us with best fit at decent prices. Bonus points for having a store in every major Calgary mall and a factory outlet close by.

Old Navy is a close second but I'm still not won over by their quality. Their clothes run short but skinny so I would steer clear of pants because my girls are taller than most of their peers

At very good sale prices, I would buy dresses from Hanna Andersson and Tea Collection

I would browse Crazy 8 and OshKosh for accessories

I still like Gymboree but it won't make up the bulk of our wardrbe

Note on Hanna Andersson: Their clothes are sized by kids height and not age.

That does it on my children's clothing brand experiments until I can come up with new reasons to shop. So, whaddya think? Any brands you think I should look into?

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